Microchip launched 32 bit microcontroller PIC32CXMT series products, supporting intelligent instrument design

With the integration of different communication solutions into the design framework and the regulation of regulatory compliance requirements, the design complexity of intelligent instruments is also increasing. In order to meet the growing demand for developing functional and simple intelligent instrument design solutions, Microchip Technology Inc. (American Microchip Technology Company) today announced the launch of a PIC32CXMT series 32-bit single-chip computer equipped with a new MPL460 power line communication (PLC) modem. This new MCU device is the next generation intelligent instrument platform, which is suitable for industrial Internet of Things, commercial and industrial instrument applications. The platform has operational performance up to 200 MHz and extensive scalability up to 560 KB of storage space (SRAM).

Microchip launched 32 bit microcontroller PIC32CXMT series products, supporting intelligent instrument design

In order to provide developers with the best flexibility to extend the product, PIC32CXMT series includes the ARM? Cortex?- There are three models of M4F single core, Arm Cortex-M4 dual core and system on chip (SoC) devices. The MPL460 PLC modem integrates a line driver for signal amplification. Due to the Class D topology, it reduces the bill of materials and maintains a signal injection efficiency of more than 40% of the top performance. PLC modem helps to improve efficiency and reliability. Based on the power delivered to the load and the power obtained from the power supply, it can reduce the consumption from the source in the transmission process.

Kourosh Boutorabi, Director of Microchip Smart Energy Business Department, said: "The new PIC32CXMT single-chip microcomputer used together with the MPL460 PLC modem can provide unparalleled scalability and performance and support various instrument architectures. Our very successful second generation instrument products show that we are committed to providing rich system level chips (SoC) To realize a flexible and safe intelligent instrument platform, supporting first-class metering design and leading connectivity. "

The platform provides a variety of transceiver solutions, including radio/PHY, PLC/PHY and PLC+RF hybrid solutions. Another option is the measurement and communication software suite, which complies with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) measurement standards, with an accuracy of 0.2%. It also supports wired and wireless communication standards such as G3-PLC and PRIME.

With the networking of intelligent instruments and equipment, security requirements are crucial in any design. PIC32CXMT MCU provides standard and proprietary hardware on chip security features to ensure optimal performance and storage utilization.

development tool

PIC32CXMT series and MPL460 modem are controlled by Microchip's MPLAB? Harmony v3 embedded software framework support. Other resources include IAR system, Arm, Keil development environment, G3-PLC and PRIME software.

Supply and pricing

PIC32CXMT series and MPL460 currently provide a limited number of samples. For more information, please contact your Microchip sales representative.

·Single core: SAM4C and PIC32CXMT-G series

·Dual core: PIC32CXMT-C series

·System level chip: SAM4CM and PIC32CXMT-SH series


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