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Active Component

Mars Mall is a leading electronic components distributor for a wide range of active components like Microcontrollers, Amplifiers, ADC and DAC converters, Clock & Timing devices, Data devices, Diodes, Embedded Devices, Interface, Logic IC’s, Memory devices, Multiplexers, Power management devices, Temperature sensors, Transistors and Voltage regulators.

Passive Component

Mars Mall distributes a comprehensive set of passive electronic components to manufacturers across sectors and applications. We have the resources and tie-ups to source high quality, reliable, robust and high-performance electronic components like Chip Resistors, Chip capacitors (MLCC), Electrolytic Capacitors, Inductors and Crystals, from global OEMs.

Wireless / GPRS Module

GSM/GPRS Modules are the next generation solution for modern day cellular applications. With compact designs, and innovative features, these chips can make wireless transmission a lot more convenient. These modules are also beneficial for applications related to GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Industrial Interface, TTS, RLS Monitoring, cell, jamming detection, vehicle tracking and many more.

Industry Insights

constant semiconductor cycle changing chip companies

In 2019, the global semiconductor industry experienced the worst year in nearly two decades, with semiconductor revenue declining by 12% to 412 billion US dollars. In 2021, the sales of the global semiconductor industry will reach a record $555.9 billion, ...

Summary of chip prices of TI, ST, NXP, Infineon and other major manufacturers

01 TIAccording to the latest forecast released by Texas Instruments, the range of weak chip demand is expanding from the former electronic consumption field to the industrial machinery field, and the time for chip demand to recover may still be far away.I...

How long can car chips last?

And Wanghong Electronics is focusing on auto chips. Since 2009, Wanghong Electronics has begun to expand the auto electronics market. At present, the global shipment has exceeded 440 million coded flash memory. Its auto Nor flash chips have entered ma...
Date: Nov 25, 2022

Microchip launched 32 bit microcontroller PIC32CXMT series products, supporting intelligent instrument design

With the integration of different communication solutions into the design framework and the regulation of regulatory compliance requirements, the design complexity of intelligent instruments is also increasing. In order to meet the growing demand for develop...
Date: Nov 12, 2022

Constant "Iron clad" semiconductor cycle , changing "Flowing Water" chip companies

According to the 30 semiconductor enterprises behind the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index, the major semiconductor manufacturers in the world mainly include Applied Materials, ASML, Brooks Automation, KLA, Lam Research, Tharida, Nvidia, Int...
Date: Nov 03, 2022
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